It is our pleasure to offer you a synchronic game to play.
Think of a question, or an issue that you desire to clarify, resolve or make a decision about and then… the cards will answer you!


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Bral Talej

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Shama Viola – Creator of Bral Talej

Shama Viola is an Italian-born author, artist, teacher, and spiritual seeker whose life-mission is to assist the evolution of humanity’s consciousness and the healing of Planet Earth.

Shama is a teacher of divination techniques, with a focus on reading cards and is the creator of a new divination deck, Bral Talej.

She has been living in the Damanhur Federation of Communities since 2001 and traveling the world since 2004 teaching a wide variety of Damanhurian and Personal Growth courses and sharing Damanhur’s unique message and vision around the globe.

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What people are saying

  • A beloved treasure and friend!! Beautiful, powerful, and magical! These cards are my “Go To” when I face challenging situations. They also offer me comfort, a way to surface my “hidden” assumptions or a nudge toward a more expansive view when I need it.
    Kea BardeenKea BardeenAttorney
  • Ancient Egyptian tradition says that within the depths of mankind, there is a secret chamber where the answer to every question will be found. A Shinto minister in modern Japan said, "Have a cell phone with a direct line to your inner god". He also said, "But you cannot find it in any shops around you". Both show that humans have the inner ability and tools to discover messages that we don't usually notice. These tools and abilities help us very much, but first, we must find the tool and learn how to use it. "Bral Talej" is a powerful divination tool that you can have in your hands in this modern age. This card deck is created by Sharma Viola, by combining "Selfic Paintings" by Falco (the founder of Damanhur), with the ancient archetypal script of the "Sacred Language". This tool brings you messages from deep within yourself and using "Bral Talej" continuously brings you a chance to develop your inner abilities. With this tool, you will be able to discover the myriad of possibilities around you, and as you get to know them, you will become more and more aware of the messages coming from deep within you. Why not listen to the message from your inner soul through "Bral Talej"?
  • I would like to share recent experience regarding Bral Talej cards. Yesterday i did a reading for a lady who actually "had a dream" about the Bral Talej cards. She came to Zagreb to acquire them and wanted me to read for her to understand the basics, before she activates them on the full moon. She said that they were in her dreams, did not know exactly how it was but it came clear to her when she synchronically came to the Talej Center page, saw the name Bral Talej and saw the cards. I feel that the channel to read for people is working well, which makes me very happy, confident that it will continue and I am looking forward to turn on new people to this amazing tool.
    Igor LahIgor LahProfessional Card Reader

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