If you feel the need to better understand a specific situation you can use the Synchronic spread.It is an opportunity to get to know in a deeper and more conscious way what spiritual, physical, emotional and mental levels are indicating, suggesting, or reflecting back to you regarding the theme are exploring.
Shuffle the Cards concentrating on the chosen question or situation. Lay down the cards according to the following pattern.

Card 1
: Indicates the message coming from your spiritual level.
Card 2: Helps you to understand the issue from a physical and practical standpoint.
Card 3: Shows any emotional reactivity or charge, as well as guidance on how to handle your emotional level.
Card 4: Clarifies your mental approach, what to understand, reinforce or overcome regarding the situation.
Card 5: Illustrates what is the most timely thing to do regarding the events happening around you. This card is a synergy of all your aspects and guides you to deeply reflect on its message.