Shama-BralTalej   MAGICAL  SIGNS  FOR  D  I  V  I  N  A  T  I  O  N    

                       1.- Click the button "Shuffle Cards" few times
                       2.- Choose the Spread (S1, S2, S3 ... S7)
                       3.- Lay down the Cards to the choosen Spread
                                   by click+drag & drop right in the rectangles
                       4.- View the Cards description for choosen
                                   Spread down under the name of the Spread
                       5.- Click on "Close Deck" & try another Spread

                            For Full Screen view - press "F11" key!

US English Italian (Italiano) Spanish (Espanol) French (Francais) German (Deutch) Croatian (Hrvatski) Netherlands (Dutch) Norwegian (Norsk)


     US English After the cards are shuffled use: click + drag & drop

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